Our Team
Tom WaitzmanPresident and CEO
Tom creates the vision for DPS and serves as the primary client representative for DPS’ dealership customers. He believes in the face-to-face approach, continually visiting dealerships to build relationships based on solving problems. A self-started entrepreneur, he put his extensive car stereo industry experience, dealership expertise and drive into starting DPS in 2009, and grew the company to 20 employees servicing over 75,000 vehicles in the past ten years. “I get true fulfillment from every part of this business,” he says. “It’s very satisfying to help dealerships grow, while at the same time giving their customers a better experience behind the wheel. I credit having a great team here at DPS. I don’t know if I could continue to accomplish this without them.”
Paolo PuzzoSenior Technician
Paolo performs onsite sales, support and installation at our many new car dealerships throughout the Chicago area. A ten-year employee, he has an extensive background in beautifying and accessorizing vehicles with an eye for detail that brings back the new-car look. “I love working in an environment where everyone gets along, is willing to work together to get the job done, and still be able to have a good laugh after a long day,” he says. “It brings you peace of mind that you are hard-pressed to find anywhere else.”
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