Your Car, Connected


Dronemoible is the award-winning connected car solution that adds smartphone control to any Compustar remote start or security system.

Your Car, Connected


Dronemobile is the award-winning connected car solution that adds smartphone control to any Compustar remote start or security system.

Unlimited Range Remote Start

You read that right. Using the DroneMobile App, you can remotely start and secure your vehicle from anywhere. DroneMobile sends commands over lightning-fast LTE so you can control your car even if you are on the other side of the world.

GPS Car Locator

DroneMobile lets you know where your vehicle is at all times, giving you peace of mind. Whether you forgot where you parked or are concerned about safety, you can track your car in seconds from the DroneMobile App.

Keep your Family Connected

DroneMobile connects your family on and off the road with sharing features. Add DroneMobile to your vehicles and share access with each family member so everyone can remote start from their phone.

Available on Your Favorite Devices

DroneMobile allows you to remote start and track your vehicle from all your favorite smart devices, including voice controls.

  • Apple Watch
  • Most Android Wear watches
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Siri Shortcuts-enabled devices
  • Google Assistants
DPS Automotive
Based on 157 reviews
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It’s difficult to find the right automotive service you can trust; it’s a daunting task and you ask yourself is it going to be in the right hands? Are they going to take great care of it, and do they have your best interest in mind to do the job right?With DPS automotive, these attributes are just the start. Tom and his team operate with the utmost integrity and character, and go out of their way to ensure you have the absolute best customer service and quality product. They are top notch in the industry. Period. And don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.
I chose to go with DPS Automotive after reading the positive reviews and because I needed a used radio installed, and I'm glad I did. Not only are they located near me, which is a plus, but the technician(s) did an exceptional job on installing my radio. The process was quick, and they finished ahead of time. I have to give kudos to Kelsey at the front desk she was very kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and super helpful. She would notify me when my vehicle was ready to be picked up and / or if extra work had to be done or if there were any issues or delays. All in all, it's a great place to come and have electronic parts installed. I will definitely come back in the future if I need to have something installed in my vehicle.
Response from the owner: Filip, thank you for this amazing review! I’m so happy to hear about your experience and appreciate your business.
DPS came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint. The customer service is excellent, and the workmanship is second to none.
Response from the owner: Tom, thank you for this amazing review!
DPS just keeps getting better and better. Improved customer waiting area graced with water and snacks. If you like a clean bathroom these are it. Design and quality better than most higher end homes.I had a fender bender and needed the driver side replacement window tinted. Same awesome quality craftsmanship.Two yrs ago DPS tinted the windscreen, driver and passenger sidewindows. They look as beautiful as the day they installed them. Just take care cleaning them with a tint approved window cleaner (I use Turtle Wax Hybrid Soutions Streak Free Mist) and a soft for window MicroFiber cloth.The ceramic tint does a handy job reducing cabin heat on hot days when the A/C is on full blast and you still are cooking from Mr. Sun. Our taupe coloured dash now is just warm to the touch.I trust DPS for my window needs.Windows are not their only venue. The wrap and do body undercoating to name a few.They also do custom work.Shortly, they will remove my front end Lincoln emblem on our Lincoln MKX and install a LED one.Nifty look indeed.
Response from the owner: Christopher, it’s always a pleasure to see you! Thank you again for your support and this amazing review! It was great catching up with you.
"I recently had my car serviced at DPS Automotive and I couldn't be happier with the results. The team did an exceptional job with the paint protection film (PPF), rims, tint , and fully custom black-out treatment. The attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the work. My car looks better than ever . Highly recommend their services as you will not find better .
Response from the owner: Thank you for the opportunity to work on your Maybach! We are so happy to hear about your experience. Thank you for the business!
Great experience. They worked diligently to diagnose and fix my electrical issue, and charged a fair price.
Response from the owner: Carl, thank you for the feedback. I’m gland to hear about your experience.
I spent more time researching PPF and meeting installers than I did choosing my car. After having PPF and window tinting completed with DPS Automotive, I feel that work was justified, as I am thrilled with the results.When I ordered my Defender SUV, the Schaumburg LR dealership recommended DPS Automotive for PPF. I spoke with the owner, Tom, about the options and costs. With considerable time before vehicle delivery, over several weeks I talked to four other PPF installers. Each had strong opinions on the quality of their work vs. their competitors and each encouraged me to visit their shop to see projects in process.Because DPS' pricing was the most aggressive, I did not initially visit them. I began to believe some of the hype that the price would have a direct correlation to the quality of the work. I’ll add, with the proposals I saw, I gave up on the idea of doing full matte PPF coverage, and resigned that due to the cost, I would only have the front end protected.A few weeks before delivery, I finally visited DPS. While I had met four other installers, I had not yet chosen one. Tom put me in touch with Kelsey in Customer Support, who gave me a tour. Immediately, it was apparent that the DPS shop was the cleanest, most organized, and most professional looking of all I had seen - significantly so. Kelsey showed me a number of vehicles in different stages of various projects.During other visits, I had been shown some ways to evaluate a high quality PPF application vs. those that are less so. In taking a careful look at some key areas, what I saw at DPS was better than the work I saw elsewhere of which the other providers were extremely proud. Furthermore, Kelsey was so helpful (and patient) with all of my questions, both that day and in several follow-up emails, she made me completely comfortable in finally deciding to work with DPS.I once heard that with any service, you will eventually forget what you paid, you will forget how long it took, but you will never forget the quality of the work. That thought had me leaning towards other installers, who I began to believe would be higher quality due to their higher costs. Once I visited DPS, the quality question was immediately put to bed. However, because DPS’ pricing was still the most aggressive, not only was I able to get the complete matte PPF coverage, I also added window tinting for the front windows.Despite the high quality I’d seen during my visit, I was still shocked at how incredible my car looked when I picked it up. While it was easy to see where the matte PPF had been applied, I could not immediately tell if the gloss PPF had been installed on the black trim areas. I first thought there may have been some confusion and those had been left out. There were no edges I could see, and the PPF was completely invisible. It was only after running my fingers along the back of the rear bumper that I could confirm the PPF was there, as I could feel the subtle film edge wrapped and hidden far back.It was impossible for me to have been any happier with the PPF work. It was beyond anything I had seen in other shops. I was so pleased, that I initially forgot to even notice the front window tinting that perfectly matched the factory privacy glass on the rear windows.During the pick up, I met Ish who had been the installer. He showed me everything he had done, which only made me further appreciate the completed work. Areas where I would not have thought to look were pointed out and I could see how perfectly everything had been installed. There I also met the GM, Kevin, who thanked me for the business and encouraged me to follow up if I encountered any issues.I can honestly say that my experience with DPS Automotive is one of the most satisfying vendor interactions I have had. The quality of the work, the pricing of the project, and the help and follow-through from Tom, Kelsey, Ish, and Kevin, were all beyond my highest expectations. I truly could not recommend DPS Automotive more highly.
Response from the owner: Wow Brandon, Thank you for this amazing review! It was a pleasure working with you and we are so happy to hear about the experience you had, thank you!!
Outstanding experience. Super friendly, super clean waiting room, excellent overview on my stealth hinge describing what was done, how to use, extra items for kit, what their for, showing my how to install, de-install hitch. Described modifications and showed me testing of wiring harness. Super super experience.
Response from the owner: Sean, thank you for this amazing review! Hearing feedback like this really means a lot to us!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 stars!
Response from the owner: Brandon, thank you for this review!
Absolutely amazing, top tier workmanship and quality. Recently had my 2024 mustang GT windows tinted and every part is flawless and at a great price. All the staff were welcoming and explained every part of the process was explained from type, cost, procedure of application and estimated time.
Response from the owner: James, thank you for this review! Hope you are enjoying your new Mustang!
Great Experience here! Great group of people who understand your likings and Ideas that you have. Great timing on the job . I had done my amp and subwoofer done on time as they said . Would recommend to check them out will come back for more work soon!
Response from the owner: Melvin, thank you for your kind words! Customers like you make all the hard work worth it!
Great service! Team was time efficient and the process was seamless. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Paul, thank you for this amazing review. This really mean a lot to our team!
Went in with an unknown problem. I was told it was a wiring problem. They fixed it in 10 minutes and did not even charge me great way to start a business relationship. I will be spending more time there for sure! Thanks guys.
Response from the owner: Tom, thank you so much for this review! We always try to do the right thing, it means a lot that you took the time to share your experience!
I recently took my BMW X6M to DPS Automotive for a paint protective wrap, ceramic coating, and window UV tint. The results? Absolutely stunning. My car now has this amazing look and is protected from daily wear and tear. The team nailed it. Their workmanship and attention to detail were top-notch.After seeing the final outcome, I was so impressed that I had to thank Tom and the team. It's like I fell in love with my car all over again. If you're looking to give your car both protection and a makeover, DPS Automotive is the place. Highly recommend them for anyone wanting to keep their ride looking great and well-protected.
Response from the owner: Nick, thank you for trusting us with your BMW! Looking forward to getting your car back for the K40 radar and laser system!
The staff that works here seem very friendly and helpful. I got my two front windows tinted here and the customer service they give is outstanding. I would recommend this place to anyone that I know and they don’t just tint windows. They do other things. Customer Service and quality is always at the top of their list. They definitely want to see their customers happy.
Response from the owner: Melina, thank you so much for your kind words! Our team is amazing and really tries hard to make sure our customers have a great experience, thank you for your support!
Love this place. Kelsey is amazing. Their quality is the best.she is why I come here.
Response from the owner: Always great to work with you John!
This place is the best. Go see Kelsey. She’ll take care of you.
Response from the owner: Kate, thank you for this amazing review…Kelsey is great!
Good work. Fair prices - tint and light bar install
Response from the owner: Asher, thank you for this great review!
If I could give 4.5 stars that what I would rate it, but I took my Audi S5 there for a front ppf and tints and was given the most competitive rate for a name brand film and was given a time frame of a day, day and a half. It ended up taking 2 days and they told me they had to redo the windshield but the end result was good. I was initially concerned about a couple of spot and the fact I had accidentally rolled down my window the first day, but after a couple days everything except for a couple of adhesive spots on the windshield that you can barely see anyways went away. Overall I would say they did a good job on the tint, a great job on the ppf, and the pricing was the best out there. I ended up going back to schedule tint on my sister’s suv and will see if I can update this review when they complete it next week.Update:My sister got her front windows and windshield tinted and it looks great, windshield looks even better than mine, took them about 4 hours from drop off to pickup, overall very happy with how it turned out and compared to mine I would give it 5/5. Also side note I noticed some bubbles in the ppf of my car and took it to them on Friday near closing to get it looked at full expecting to have to schedule it out but they took it in and 15 minutes later the bubbles were gone. This place is amazing from my experiences they are not perfect but they are pretty good with great customer care and competitive pricing, even when I took my car somewhere else for ceramic coating it was not because of the prices or quality of service but just a different product, I truly think anyone looking to do something to their vehicle should come here for a quote first before going anywhere else.
Response from the owner: Chase, thank you for this great review!
Absolutely AMAZING ! Beautiful shop amazing staff and I can not say enough good things about Tom!! Truly one of the best shops to work with all around . Very up front transparent reasonable and amazing work!!! Would recommend to anyone with 0 hesitation! 10 stars!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you for this amazing review!
Such a great company to work with. Always get a top notch level of service from DPS. Highly recommended to all my friends.
Response from the owner: Kraig, always great to work with you!
This place is amazing! Great selection and great prices. They did an awesome job and the car looks like new again and hopefully for years to come. Thank you DPS!
Response from the owner: Igor, thank you for the kind words!
Great communication and service. Have used them several times and will continue to send them my business and refer anyone. 10/10
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind words Tim!
Very helpful in getting my remote start to working properly again
Response from the owner: Thank you Valerie! We appreciate your support
Amazing place! First impression was very nice employees and very clean facility (important for your car). They can do pretty much every cool attachment to your car you can think of. Prices are extremely fair, I can see other places pricing way more. I got my jeep wrangler wrapped from bright red to Satin Black and added lights underneath the seats in the interior of the car (looks amazing). I also provided a previously owned ring break light in the back tire and they put it on for free! They will check everything over 3-4 times to make sure it’s done perfectly for you. Long story short, highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Jack, thank you so much for this amazing review! Your Jeep turned out amazing! We really enjoyed working with you and appreciate the business!
Greeted with friendly smiles. Staff did excellent work as expected and the vehicle was ready a lot quicker than anticipated. Will return!
Response from the owner: Mark, thank you for the kind words! Feedback like this really makes our day!
Seriously great service! Remote start install. Just under 2 hour process.Tutorial directly following install.Kelsey made the entire process easy peasy. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thank you for this great review!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the great feedback!
Response from the owner: Thank you, appreciate the business!
Response from the owner: James, thank you for the great review!
The young lady was friendly and knowledgeable. The service was great.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the feedback!
This is a one stop shop for everything for your car or truck. The staff is amazing and they really do everything here! peir, protective, film, wraps, lights in headliners, spray in protection, for truck beds, audio systems, alarms, and more
Response from the owner: Jason, thank you so much for this review! It was really fun working with you on the Motocompcato project! Hope to see you again soon!
Response from the owner: Thank you Elizabeth!
DPS is very professional and very kind every time. Will not go anywhere else for remote start installation. Definitely recommend them.
Response from the owner: V, thank you for the kind words, it means a lot to the team!
I have been doing business with DPS automotive for over 10 years.I buy and sell lots of cars and always use DPS Automotive for my window tinting, custom vehicle wraps, paint and interior protection, and custom audio and security systems.I highly recommend DPS Automotive to handle any of your Aftermarket needs. They work with any budget And give great service.
Response from the owner: John, thank you for this review! It’s always to pleasure to work with you and the entire Tasca Automotive team!
Great quality and professional service
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Robert!
Response from the owner: Cathy, thank you for this review!
The DPS team installed Drone and Key Locker in my 2 Turo cars so I wouldn’t have to meet up with all the people that rent my cars. It has worked seamlessly for me and the work as usual was done flawlessly. I also had them install an Android unit to one of the cars which they integrated into the car as if it was from the factory. Ty for always doing the work as if it were your own cars. I highly recommend this place for all your aftermarket needs.
Response from the owner: Suha, it’s always a pleasure doing business with you! Hope to see you again soon!
Excelent very good
Response from the owner: Thank you so much!
Great people and they do a great job on all your auto accessories and service. They answer all questions.
Response from the owner: Always a pleasure Rich!
These guys are amazing their work is as good as from factory!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you for this great review Joey!
Love these guys. Lots of good options. Easy to work with.
Response from the owner: Thank you Bobby! Always a pleasure to work with you!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review! Anything we could have done different to earn a 5 star review?
Great service, thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the great review!
Great job to the team. The car never sounded better
Response from the owner: Thank you Bob! We really enjoyed installing the stereo system in your Porsche!
Had PPF on front and ceramic coating on the rest. Results were really good and the vehicle looks great! Tom and Neil couldn't have been nicer to work with.
Response from the owner: Hello William, I’m glad to hear that we did a good job on your car. I’m very sorry to hear that we didn’t clean the inside of your vehicle. I’d like to make things right with you, please reach out to me at 847-749-2255. Tom Waitzman
Did great job. Thank you.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind words!

DroneMobile Features

Unlimited Range Control
Remote Start
Keyless Entry
Security/Alarm Alerts
Family Sharing
GPS Car Finder
Directions to Car
Speed Monitoring
Points of Interest
Trip Reports
Vehicle Door/Lock Status
Battery Voltage Monitoring
Maintenance Reminders
Push Notifications
30-Day Free Trial
Flexible Subscription Plans

How to Get DroneMobile

Add DroneMobile to any Compustar remote start or security system with a Drone X1-LTE module. This device plugs directly into any Compustar system allowing it to communicate with your smartphone over cellular LTE.

Included with Compustar 2-Way Systems

Compustar includes the Drone X1-LTE module for free in the U.S. with select 2-way systems. This means, in addition to your 2-way remote, you can use your smartphone to remote start and secure your vehicle from virtually anywhere.

Free 30-Day Trial

If you are new to DroneMobile, you will have 30 days to try out DroneMobile’s Basic or Premium subscriptions. No credit card required!

To add DroneMobile to your vehicle, visit or contact your nearby Authorized Compustar Dealer.

Flexible & Affordable Subscriptions

Basic – As Low as $3.99/month

DroneMobile Basic turns your smartphone into your vehicle’s most powerful remote. From virtually anywhere in the world, you can remote start and secure your vehicle using the DroneMobile App.

Premium – As Low as $7.99/month

DroneMobile Premium includes the control features of Basic with the added security benefits of GPS Tracking. Find your parking spot in seconds, or use the app to monitor the location of your vehicles.

See DroneMobile in Action

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