Dash Cameras

  • DRONE MOBILE XC – the only dash cam that can connect to an aftermarket alarm or remote start.
  • MOMENTO M6 – The Momento M6 is a smart dash cam that provides 270° of surveillance coverage – and records footage that you can view from the Momento smartphone app!
  • MOMENTO M7 – Momento M7 takes vehicle security and driver safety to a new level with 24/7/365 surveillance protection on and off the road.


Protection on and off the road. Front and rear smart dash cams that provide recorded surveillance coverage.

Drone Mobile XC

Supports live video streaming over LTE and on-demand video playback. Additional video input for rear or interior camera. 2K QHD Dash Cam with LTE + GPS + Wi-Fi – Works with All Vehicles.


  • Connects to aftermarket remote start or security systems.
  • Monitors your vehicle in drive mode, park mode when motion is detected, and with live view in real time over LTE data.
  • Equipped with a 2K front camera that features a Sony STARVIS sensor and delivers 154 degrees of surveillance.
  • Can start video recordings from motion detection, tilt and towing, glass breakage, door /hood/trunk opening, and impact.
  • Connects to the DroneMobile Smartphone App.

Momento M6

Wi-Fi enabled Full HD (1080p) dash camera system including front camera, rear camera, GPS antenna, and 32GB micro-SD memory card.


  • Records in Full HD, giving you crystal clear footage in 1080p.
  • Equipped with a Sony Exmor-R image sensor, ensuring top low light performance.
  • Connects to your smartphone.
  • Momento App also provides additional driving insights such as speed, location and trip data.
  • Includes a 32GB micro-SD card that can be upgraded to any Class 10 micro-SD card up to 256GB.
  • Includes both front and rear cameras for 270 degree coverage.

Momento M7

2K QHD (1440p) 3-channel dash camera system including front and rear cameras. Featuring “Eco Mode” radar detection for optimized battery preservation. Includes “quick release” windshield mount with built-in GPS and speed detection. 64GB memory card included.


  • Utilizes a SmartSens AI-Series image sensor, designed for surveillance applications in all lighting conditions.
  • 3-Channel support for front, rear, and interior recording. Perfect for rideshare or fleet applications.
  • Introduces Eco Mode, a battery saving feature for parked vehicles that detects motion and cuts battery consumption up to 90%.
  • built-in LCD for reviewing footage, starting recordings, and configuring your dash camera system.
  • Includes both front and rear cameras for 270 degree coverage.

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