Parking Assist

  • PARKING SENSORS – Avoid common parking accidents! Our system comes with 4 ultra-sonic sensors to alert when pulling in or backing up and are designed for compatibility with steel or plastic bumpers on all vehicle types.
  • AUTO DIMMING MIRROR – Auto-dimming mirror with 3.5 camera display.


DPS Automotive offers a variety of parking assistance options to fit your needs, including rearview mirrors and front, rear sensors.

Parking Sensor Systems

Premium front or rear parking assist system designed for vehicles with plastic or metal bumpers that offer an audible chime as you approach an object. The system comes with 4 paint-able ultra-sonic sensors to alert when pulling in or backing up. The system will quicken the audible alert the closer you get until finally it is a solid sound.
The main control unit has a sensitivity adjustment that allows the system to be utilized with bike racks, tow hitches or spare tire racks and not interfere with the operation of the system. The audible speaker offers a volume adjustment to increase or decrease the sound depending on your needs.


  • Longer sensor wiring for larger vehicles.
  • New smaller sensors.
  • Suitable for trucks, SUV’s and cars.
  • Front or rear parking assist (selectable).
  • LED display optional.
  • Includes audible alert.

Auto Dimming Mirror

Mirror kits are compatible with most vehicles on the road today. This system offers added convenience and safety to the way you use your rear view mirror. Offering auto-dimming technology and rear camera display.


  • Auto-Dimming.
  • 3.5 Camera Display.

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