Truck Racks & Equipment

  • ECNO & COMPACT RACKS – Including Truck Rack Hoop and Ladder Truck Rack
  • PRO II – HEAVY DUTY – Offering Complete Racks, Side Channels and Legs, Service and Platform Bodies, and Accessories
  • PRO III – MEDIUM DUTY – Racks and Accessories
  • PRO IV – HD ALUMINUM – Aluminum Truck Racks
  • PRO RACK – HEAVY DUTY – Offering Side Channels and Legs, Service and Platform Bodies, and Complete Racks.


A variety of Truck Racks are available for all truck sizes. Select from our wide variety of racks to suit your needs, from ladder racks to full racks.

Ecno & Compact Racks

Ecno Truck Rack Hoop for all Full to Mini Size Trucks. Single for headache style rack, order two for front and back ladder and cargo rack. Features include:

  • Easy on and off.
  • Dividers Improve shelf organization and enhances storage spaces.
  • Mount one in the front of your bed to protect the cab, or mount two front and back to carry longer cargo above the cab.
  • Mounts directly to the bed rail of your truck.
  • Warranty included.
  • Fits all bed lengths from Full to Mini size trucks. This rack will not fit any type of step or flare side beds.

The Quick Pack Ladder Rack gives you a quick setup rack that can be removed easily. Can carry up to 250 lbs. Features include:

  • Heavy duty steel tubing has a maximum load capacity of 250 lb.
  • Black gloss powder coat finish.
  • Adjustable rack height and crossbar width.
  • Can mount to all truck beds on the driver side or passenger side.
  • Adjustable ladder stop to secure loads.
  • Rack is easily removed when not needed, and easily replaced when it is.
  • Fits all mid and full size trucks.

Pro II - Heavy Duty

Complete Racks include a stronger frame with premium powder coat finish and professional look. Serious tradesmen use substantial tools. Complete racks are the top choice because they work hard and look great. Features include:

  • Big 2″ dia. x .08″ thick steel tube frame is the strongest available.
  • 1,700 lb cargo capacity.
  • Zinc epoxy primed for superior corrosion protection.
  • Will not fade or dull.
  • Smooth tubular components.
  • Rack removes easily with 4 bolts.
  • 5″ swaged joints provide double strength.
  • High-strength rust proof self-locking fasteners.
  • Warranty Included.

Side Channels, Legs, and Bars. Features include:

  • Legs & Bars – Legs & bars for full size trucks with camper shells or without caps.
  • Side Channels – For full size extended cab trucks for 78″ or 96″ beds. Space between front and rear legs for toolbox installation or cap side door clearance.
  • Leg Extensions – Provides a 9” height increase and replaces the 3” extension legs that come with Holman Service Body Racks.
  • Taller Legs – Raise the height of your Pro II rack by 6″ using these taller legs.

Service & Platform bodies. Features include:

  • Legs & Bars – Includes Bulkhead Support and Improved Rear Mount with Black Finish.
  • Side Channels – Rear leg mount brackets attach to the rear panel of the body. Brackets relocated at the reinforced outside corner of the box where they can be raised or lowered without hitting tail lights. The height of the rack over the cab can be optimally set for all makes and models of truck or service body. Includes bulkhead support and improved rear mount

Contact us for more information on our Accessories offerings. Parts include:

  • Big 2″ dia. x .08″ thick steel tube frame is the strongest available.
  • Adapter Brackets
  • Retractable Ratchet Straps
  • Pro Wing Wind Deflector
  • Crossbars
  • Wind Guards
  • Wind Guard Adapter
  • Utility hooks
  • Beacon Lights
  • Bed Rails

Pro III - Medium Duty

Racks include offerings for Full size Trucks without cap and Midsize Trucks with or without caps. Features include:

  • Yellow Zinc Dichromate fasteners resist corrosion up to five times longer than standard white Zinc fasteners used by competing brands. Self locking nuts stay tight.
  • Self locking nuts stay tight.
  • Rack easily removed with four bolts.
  • Flexible tubular frame absorbs impact stress that can damage your truck bed.
  • No cutting required.
  • 1000LB. cargo capacity.
  • 1 5/8″ dia. x .083 high tensil strength tubing.
  • 1000 hour ASTM salt spray resistance.

Contact us for more information on our Accessories offerings. Parts include:

  • Big 2″ dia. x .08″ thick steel tube frame is the strongest available.
  • Retractable Ratchet Straps
  • Quick Clamps
  • Wing Wind Deflectors
  • Crossbars
  • Window Guard
  • Window Guard Adaptor

Pro IV - HD Aluminum

Aluminum Truck Rack for full size trucks are strong, light and completely rust proof. Available for all full size trucks, standard and extended/crew cab styles with bed lengths of 5.8ft to 8ft. The Front legs adjust forwards and backwards to accommodate the exact bed length. The mounting plates are slotted to allow width adjustment to fit all full size trucks.

  • Improved foot mounting.
  • Heavy duty 1,000 lb. capacity.
  • Constructed with 2″ diameter heavy duty aluminum tubing.
  • Easier to maintain black powder coat finish.
  • Fully adjustable to fit any full size truck.
  • Warranty Included.

Pro Rack - Heavy Duty

Side Channels, Legs, and Bars. The Pro Rack is a new line of heavy duty racks for full-size work trucks, service bodies, and platform bodies. The Pro Rack is an evolution of Holman’s Pro II racks, and is improved in several key areas while still keeping up with strength, durability, and versatility. Features include:

  • Side Channels, Legs and Bars.
  • Service and Platform Bodies
  • Complete Racks

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